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Sales Tax | The Community of EagleVail, CO 81620

EagleVail Sales Tax



Completed Projects 2019 

  • Road Striping in Community 
  • Painting of Crosswalks 
  • Asphalt Repairs to Parking Lots, Seal Coating, and Striping 
  • 2” Overlay of Upper Parking Lot 
  • Additional Signage in Community Parking Lots 
  • Installed 2 New Radar Feedback Signs in Community 
  • Installed Orange Delineators Along Bike/Pedestrian Path on Eagle Road 
  • Completed Phase 1 Transportation Safety Master Plan 
  • Skier Shuttle Service 


Proposed Projects 2020 

  • Road Striping in Community 
  • Painting of Crosswalks 
  • Asphalt Repairs to Parking Lots, Seal Coating, and Striping 
  • Install 2 new Radar Feedback Signs in Community 
  • 30% Design for Bike Path Through Business District- CDOT 2021 
  • Phase II Transportation Safety Master Plan and Design Cost 
  • Paving Upper Gravel Parking Lot 
  • Paving Whiskey Hill Trail Head Parking 
  • Skier Shuttle Service 
  • Short-Term Rental Sales Tax Compliance


Short Term Rentals - A Coming Change


Short-Term Rentals 

As you know, EagleVail Metro District implemented a 1% sales tax beginning on January 1, 2019. Short term rentals (periods of less than 30 days) are subject to the EagleVail sales tax (1%), as well as the Colorado (2.9%) and Eagle County (1.5%) sales taxes. This includes rentals of residential property. 

As EagleVail is in unincorporated Eagle County, all three taxes are administered and collected by the State of Colorado. Anyone operating a short-term rental is obligated to collect and remit the appropriate sales tax. Those using rental websites such as AirBnB, VRBO, or HomeAway should contact the website to ensure that they understand what role the website is providing in the tax process as not all websites collect the appropriate taxes. The owner of the property is ultimately responsible to ensure compliance with sales tax collections. The state has enforcement ability including the ability to fine and collect back taxes for non-compliance. 

In order to help ensure compliance, the EagleVail Metro District will be contracting with Host Compliance in order to audit rental websites for EagleVail properties. The Host Compliance system monitors short-term rental websites and matches listings with property addresses. These listings will be reviewed and compared to the submitters of sales tax. The District will work with the State of Colorado to collect taxes from properties that are not properly reporting. 

If you have questions regarding the EagleVail sales tax, please contact Jon Erickson at 970-926-6060 ext. 101 or You can also visit the Colorado Department of Revenue website at